Why husbands should be spanked

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#1 Why husbands should be spanked

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Why husbands should be spanked

Ask Your Question today. I'm 25 and have been married a year. Shortly after our wedding my husband started giving me Why husbands should be spanked spankings, he takes me into our bed room and takes my pants off and then bust my bottom, until i'm red. Sometimes he does it in the car or in the bathroom at church. So is it normal that my husband spanks me? I agree this is normal and happens in a husbxnds of relationships. Most women are told it's going to happen before and some communication occurs before hand. My husband has been spanking me since two months into our relationship. Only one time in public and it was a husnands slap in the backside to let Why husbands should be spanked know to quit my shou,d and to let me know when we got home I would get his full attention. We have been together 9 years and the frequency of spankings veries in my behavior. I can go weeks even months without a spanking and then I can find myself with my pants and panties around my spanied getting a hard belting every day for a week. I always know why I am being spanked, I always respect the reason and most of the time I quickly adjust According to jim dana pregnant behavior, but we all have that stubborn side, unfortunately that only ends with a very red back side in my marriage! I have been married 6mos my husband spanks me daily I don't always like it and it hurts but Husbwnds know Its needed. Yes, absolutely normal in my opinion. Sanked hubby spanks me regularly for things like being late or forgetting something. If the situation Fresh teen flesh porn for it he'll use a slipper...

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What a crazy question right? Of course, we all know the answer is NO the Bible does not allow a man to spank his wife. This is the typical way that many moral questions are answered today by Christians without them even cracking open their Bible. Wife spanking might be wrong — but if it is wrong we must prove that by looking to the Word of God and not to our feelings or our culture. So, we are told that we are not to be conformed to what our world or our culture thinks is right but rather we are to renew our minds according to what God thinks is right. But then how do we know what the will of God is? The answer to the question of knowing what is the will of God is to look to his Word found in the Bible. The Bible does not specifically speak to the situation of wife spanking and some believe because this is the case then wife spanking is forbidden. But we must be careful when we come to the Bible and it does not address a specific case of behavior with either a positive example or a command. In these cases where we do not have a situation specifically addressed we must be careful of two extremes. One is the extreme that we can do anything we want if it is not specifically addressed and the other is if it is not specifically addressed than we cannot do it. Both extremes are wrong. Instead we must look for general principles the Bible does teach that we can then apply to specific situations the Bible may not speak to. For instance, the Bible does not say anything about phone sex and web cam sex. God only honors and...

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From the front page of the Los Angeles Times 70 years ago today, Jan. The Iowa housewives who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary—Daughters of Spanking Parents. Any girl above the age of 11 years is eligible to join, Mrs. Spanking creates a better understanding between parents and daughters. I am a spanking husband, I started spanking my wife soon after we married and on the advise of my father in law. It came about when I complained to him about his daughter, about her over spending, staying out late and behaving as if she was still a single girl. He turned around and told me that I was not being firm enough with her and that I should take her across my knee take her panties down and give her a good sound spanking because if I did not she was going to make my life difficult and unpleasant. I took his advise and 21 years later I am still spanking my wife when the need arises. My husband biggest would have to be attitude and putting myself in any danger. So when he caught me sitting in the dark by the lake by myself he felt that was a warrant for my Ass to be spanked and he thinks as well heat to the sest is the best. I am 25 and spanked by my husband, we married a little over a year ago, he is older than me by 20 years. When I have broken one of his major rules overspending, lying, disobedience he escorts me to his study with a firm hand on my bottom. Then he pulls my panties down and spanks my bottom, HARD. After...

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First of all, for spanking there needs to be consent. However, if your wife demands it… than you need to do it: So it took me quite some time to figure out, but I really need a man to lead me. Most men in my life before meeting mark would not do this, however. At best, it was a split. With Mark I finally found someone to lead me. It took some time and I know that at times he still felt this was all quite deviant and depraved. However, it gives me the leadership I crave. Domestic submission and spanking have so many facades to me. Not only is it erotic and turns me on; it makes me happy and stops my mood changes. For me, submitting to my man is therapeutic and it resets me from a long day with our daughter. Recently, I was really bratty and snarky over something. Without a word, Mark took me and spanked me to remind me who was controlling this household. I really needed that, and I adored him for it. I felt relieved, refocused, grounded and centered again. While he rarely does it like that, it is really helpful to reinstantiate peace at home. My husband usually decides how severe my misdeeds are and chooses the right method to punish me. The main advantage is, that he can do anywhere and he does! And with his great hands, I dare to call them pranks, he can do some damage. However he does not give me more than 20 hits… he told me, his hands wore out. Mark really likes his belts to discipline me. He whips it at me when I have repeatedly not fulfilled his wishes, maybe once every three months. And he really nows how to make me...

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I've had a lot of people ask why it's important to have consistent discipline. For a while my husband and I stopped, well, we didn't really stop,we just didn't have time and our marriage came apart. I resented him for not noticing that I needed his authority and accountability. I started to feel unloved and unnoticed and we ended up in a really bad place. After a few sessions with a marriage therapist, she recommended that we re-commit to maintenance spankings at a minimum of two times per week. She also recommended that we use a spanking machine or put in place a regular method for self spanking when my husband is gone for work. It took us several months to get this going but I am happy to report that our marriage is back on track and blossoming and has never felt better for either of us. I thought we were on the verge of divorce and now I can't imagine being without him. How we turned things around: I was given two maintenance spankings a week and these were not just vague spankings which I think is where couples miss out on the meaning of the maintenance spanking. They are supposed to help you maintain good behavior and do the things you want to do. So, our therapist recommended that before each maintenance spanking, I write down what I wanted to be reminded of and my husband reads it with me. He then tells me to take off my clothes and bend over his knees. While I'm feeling vulnerable draped over his lap he reminds me of my list and commits himself to help hold me accountable for everything on that list. Then he asks me what will happen if I stray from the list and I verbally...

Why husbands should be spanked

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Dec 25, - Tell your husband to go to your bedroom and undress to his briefs. Inform him that you will be up in a few minutes to give him a spanking. Let him wait ten or  Should a wife spank her husband if the husband does the same. Jan 26, - “We think all parents should spank their daughters when they don't . My husband spanks me and I will be honest, when he travels out of town. Plus! Should I nag my boyfriend about my bondage fetish on vacation?

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