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#1 Sacramento v twin

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Sacramento v twin

This is offered without comment for its informational value. I printed it out rather than giving a link since it requires a password. Members of Vagos Motorcycle Club and their associates are involved in at least three Sacramento Superior Court trials this month. The prosecutions resulted from the most sweeping investigation of a California motorcycle club in recent years, authorities said. Vagos members have been accused of involvement in drugs sales, firearm violations, vehicle thefts and violence. Three investigations led by the California Department of Justice and the G County Sheriff's Department since have led to the arrests of more than 20 of the club's members and 38 associates, authorities said. The District Attorney's Office has secured 31 convictions. Stratton, 60, was arrested on suspicion of being a convicted felon in possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition and participation in a criminal street gang. A trial for an Sacramenro murder-for-hire plot involving the the motorcycle club is set to begin later this month. The murder never occurred, but the target of the alleged plot also faces court Sacramento v twin this month on allegations of sales and distribution of drugs and firearms. Meanwhile, a trial involving a former California Department of Corrections computer security analyst suspected of assisting the Vagos will start later this month or in early March. Vagos members say they are the victims of a "modern-day witch hunt. Spending time as a family, a pack, a club, a tribe. Cross said he is not guilty. The club has a strict hierarchy with chapters, presidents and officers, said Sacramento County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Scott Kolb, a lead investigator in the latest cases. Cross joined the Vagos about seven years ago after his marriage broke up. He said he needed camaraderie and found brotherhood in the motorcycle club....

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Sacramento v twin

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