Nude male costume

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#1 Nude male costume

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Nude male costume

Big community funding update! October 5, Posting this as anon because, well, the idea of this question forever being connected with my user name gives me pause: Halloween is coming up, and I need some costume ideas! The unofficial theme for the party I am going to is basically tasteful nudity. By way of example, one of my friends is going to wear footie pajamas with the butt flap hanging Nude male costume. I am totally at a loss as to what I am going to wear, so I turn to the creative hive mind once again. Some broad guidelines to hopefully help narrow the suggestions down: My favorite tasteful nudity costume was a guy who came wearing a fill suit That is, if you saw him from the front he was wearting a suit: If you saw him from teh back, all he was wearing were a few straps that held the front part of the suit on. He said it wasn't that hard to make The effect was really cool. I think he wore full shoes. Only fails on 3 really Very sexy UPS delivery guy? Then fashion a box that is attached to your crotch, put your junk in the box through a hole. Ask people if they'd like your package, to sign for your package, etc. Attach the head of a hobby horse to a jockstrap facing Meet ladies wiht boobs. Put on jockstrap and a pair of Harry Potter glasses. The funniest I've ever seen was a guy in chef's apron and hat nothing else, of course and a pancake spatula in his hand. Is going as Tarzan in a loin cloth too obvious? Nude male costume could wear a stuffed speedo and paint your bare Sapphic erotica ariel gallery with old school...

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Nude male costume

Naked Man Adult Costume - Male - One Size

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