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#1 Libyan prison women sex

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Libyan prison women sex

The active role of Libyan women in the revolution to overthrow the Libyan dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, was a sign that society had irreversibly changed. Women took part in protests and were active Free gay self pics sending their male relatives out to fight. For a while, it seemed that some prominent women would be allowed at least a minor role in the rebuilding of the country. But the country soon plunged into religious and tribal chaos in the months following the revolution - reaching a head with the start of the second civil war in As a direct result of this violence, women suffered from the threats of Islamist militias, human traffickers and tribal violence - putting the feminist battle back almost to where it began. Yet despite the ensuing chaos, several Libyan women told The New Arab they still don't regret the end of Gaddafi's reign. She asked to remain anonymous for her security. But the revolution has come with obvious downsides. The second civil war divided the country into various factions, and within each group the role of women varies. Libya's conflict has a more complex nature than the yarn spun by its government leaders. Indeed, in February one airport Libyan prison women sex the supposedly anti-Islamist military rule of Haftar banned women under the age of 60 from travelling without a male relative. Only a week earlier, the famous Saudi-Salafist cleric, Osama Ataya al-Otabi, announced himself as Haftar's religious adviser. One young woman living in Benghazi was blocked at the airport while trying to Libyan prison women sex to Tunis for an art exhibition where she planned to display her work. While the ban was modified after a wave of condemnation within Libya, it showed how the self-proclaimed anti-Islamist government in the east had in fact...

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Instead, the young woman said, a local official told the men: The two unmarried women were taken away and never seen again. The Revolutionary, who was married and pregnant, was taken to a prison near Tripoli, where she was stripped and raped. She miscarried in prison, she said. In Libya, rape victims are often ostracized, and discussion of the crime remains taboo. There are small signs of change, with the government promising action to help victims, but the issue remains so sensitive that aid groups sometimes hide their efforts to help victims to avoid causing an outcry. The Revolutionary, a woman in her 20s, spoke on condition of anonymity from behind a black veil, only her eyes showing. With the pain of recollection, her voice gradually rose to a shrill pitch. The women were stripped and subjected to all kinds of torture. The torture included electrocution, she told a conference session attended by Reuters. She gave her account at a hotel in Tripoli as part of an event earlier this year organized by the Libya Initiative, a project that brings together various rights groups to promote healing and a just society in post-war Libya. Maybe they are outside now, standing guard at checkpoints. Souad Wheidi, an activist creating an archive of the sex crimes committed during the revolution, stood next to The Revolutionary as she addressed the conference, comforting her when the girl broke down as she reached the end of her story. The activist has campaigned for government action and such efforts appear to be having an effect. Shortly after the Tripoli meeting, the Libyan prime minister proposed a new law to recognize rape and the need for resources to be allocated to victims as a matter of urgency. There are good reasons for this; victims who speak out...

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Torture and unlawful detention commonplace even in prisons run by militias loyal to UN-backed government. Armed groups across Libya are holding thousands of civilians in arbitrary detention, with many subjected to torture, the UN reported on Tuesday, a legacy analysts said stemmed from ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi. Ahmed Gatnash, co-founder of the Kawaakibi Foundation, a think tank which works to promote liberal values in the Muslim world, told Middle East Eye: Since the overthrow of long-time Libyan leader Gaddafi in following widespread protests, many have been detained and held without trial or charge. Official prisons overseen by the UN-backed ministry of justice were estimated, in October, to be holding some 6, people, with thousands more being held in other facilities, some of which are nominally under the interior ministry's control, or fully run by militias. The facility, one of the largest in Tripoli, was holding 2, detainees at the end of November, according to the office of the prosecutor general. Gatnash said that the Rada's use of torture stems from a culture of abuse that existed under Gaddafi. Clashes erupted earlier this year around Mitiga airport in what some saw as an attempt to free prisoners detained by the Rada. Shaban Omrani, a former government researcher who spoke to fighters who had targeted the airport, told MEE: They [the Rada] are kidnapping people, detaining bank managers. These people are going to die from the torture they are facing. The Rada force is largely made up of Madkhalis, so-named after the hardline Saudi sheikh Rabi al-Madkhali. Analysts have said that the Madkhalis are split - some are loyal to UN-backed government groups, such as the Rada, whereas others follow renegade general Khalifa Haftar. Haftar is the head of the self-styled Libyan National Army, and is allied with Libya's east-based House of...

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We ran into Gaddafi's troops on the outskirts of Zawiya, less than a mile beyond the last signs of rebel activity: The soldiers were blocking the main highway to the coast with pickup trucks and armoured vehicles, so our driver took to the desert, skirting the roadblock in a wide arc before cutting back to the road. He was edgy after that, spooked even by the sight of a distant abandoned car parked in the middle of the road. We — the Brazilian journalist Andrei Netto and I, travelling in the company of rebels from western Libya — would not be able reach Zawiya that night as planned. Instead we made for Sabratha, 12 miles to the west. It was clear that Sabratha had been reclaimed by Gaddafi loyalists. The police and intelligence service buildings were charred, but they had new green flags of the regime flying above them. We separated from our rebel escorts and took shelter in an empty half-built house, away from the militiamen roaming the streets. Later that night we saw four men approaching, dressed in dark tracksuits and carrying sticks except for one, who had a gun. When they surrounded the house there was no way to escape. They took our phones then frogmarched us, heads down, to an SUV, ranting as we went. You Jews and Zionists! You want to topple Gaddafi? We will rape your mothers! Gaddafi will show you! I was put in the pickup first, then Netto. As he was getting in, a tall militiaman swung a metal pipe that struck him on the head. Inside the car the man sat behind us, jabbing at us with a stick as he continued his tirade. We were taken a short distance to a compound guarded by armed men, where we were interrogated,...

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Children are being sexually abused, coerced into prostitution and work, and held to ransom for months in squalid, overcrowded detention centres, as they flee war and poverty in Africa to undertake one of the most dangerous journeys in the world to Europe, the agency warned in a new report. Last year, more than , refugees and migrants, including more than 25, unaccompanied children, arrived in Italy via the central Mediterranean smuggling route, through Libya. Thousands of people died on the way. Three-quarters of migrant children interviewed in Libya by the International Organisation for Cooperation and Emergency Aid, IOCEA a Unicef partner, reported experiencing violence, harassment or aggression at the hands of adults during their journey to Italy. Sexual violence and abuse was widespread and systematic at crossings and checkpoints. A third of the women and children interviewed said their assailants wore uniforms or appeared to be associated with the military. Nearly half of the women and children reported sexual abuse during migration, often multiple times and in multiple locations, the report found. We need safe and legal pathways and safeguards to protect migrating children that keep them safe and keep predators at bay. The study found that children whose parents have not paid enough money to smugglers were held to ransom for thousands of dollars, mostly between Sudan or Libya, or in Libya itself. Most said they expected to spend extended periods working in Libya to pay for the next leg of the journey. They beat us, they do not give us good water and good food. So many people are dying here, dying from disease, freezing to death. This year is proving the deadliest yet for the central Mediterranean migration route, a billion-dollar industry controlled by criminal networks. Last year, 4, people died making the crossing between the Mediterranean...

Libyan prison women sex

Life for Libyan women six years after the revolution

Feb 28, - Libya are 'no more than forced labour camps and makeshift prisons', Nearly half of the women and children reported sexual abuse during. Apr 10, - Torture and unlawful detention commonplace even in prisons run by female prisoners are at increased risk of sexual abuse and violence. Student Almahde Ahmad Atagore has been jailed for more than five years over the sexual assault of seven.

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