Crossdressing stress relief

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#1 Crossdressing stress relief

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Crossdressing stress relief

Why exactly is crossdressing such a great stress reliever? I often hear Crossdreseing question posed by other crossdressers. Most seem to agree that it is very relaxing and stress relieving, but many seem confused as to why it works for them. Does it really matter why? I Crossdrwssing have to live my day-to-day life as a man in guy-mode and only get to dress up when Crossdressing stress relief allows. Wearing a suit to work, or shirt and tie daily may not be the most desirable way to dress oneself for any non-crossdresser. Take strsss feeling and multiply it for me. Much of my guy-mode personality and mannerisms are rehearsed and executed with conscious effort. Society expects me to look a certain way and also behave a certain way. The way I have to act often feels as unnatural as the way in which I must appear. Everyone Crossdressing stress relief behave a certain way in their day-job. However I must concentrate on behaving professional and manly on top of it. The same goes for work attire. Most people would choose to not dress in their private lives as they must in their professional lives. Again, not only am I dressed in my day-job attire all day long, but also as a guy in day-job attire. When the time comes that I can finally take off my man-suit and no longer have to visibly act manly, I start to feel some relief. When I can go farther and dress up in female clothing of my choosing, then I really begin to feel at peace. It completes the feminine feeling I long for, and I rather like the reflection relif the mirror as well. We all want to look good, right? What looks good differs from person to person, but I...

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In this post, I want to share what I believe are the hidden benefits of crossdressing or being transgender. Some of these apply more to crossdressers, but the sentiment is the same: It allows you to integrate the best of both genders into your personality. It motivates you to stay in shape and take care of yourself. It makes you more empathetic towards women. It brings you closer to the people who support you. It allows you to get to know yourself in a deep and meaningful way. It makes you an interesting person. It offers a healthy and non-destructive way to relieve stress. It makes you a more creative, resourceful, and courageous person than you might be otherwise. I, personally, look at them optimistically. Good friends will still support you or at be respectful in spite of their beleifs i know a catholic girl that doesnt agree with it, but still has the decency to refer to me as a girl. Bad people will hate you for it. And the best people will just smile, ask for your new name if you change it and then continue loving you anyway. I think you got it all right…. I think you nailed everything there, I feel so free and relaxed when xdressed and have now started going out this way. Hi Lucille hun since being trixie my spirits have definitely heightened and the more trixie can explore the happier she is overall love xxx Trixie. The fact that it makes me more empathetic towards women is self liberating. I love working for a female boss. Motivates to keep up with regular exercise and healthy diet to keep up physical appearance and libido. When I dress enfemme I feel free and at ease. It is such a wonderful feeling putting on...

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Visit our Transgender Chat and Wiki. Featured May 16th, 0. April 25th, 0 Zackary Drucker, and her vision of being Transformative. March 30th, 2 The Eve of Triumph. Featured July 13th, 0. Fitness Health Nutrition Transition. Featured April 13th, 0. December 8th, 0 Enhancing the experience — Grindr includes new Transgender inclusive features. April 13th, 0 Real People, Real Stories: Trans kids receive affirmations from their parents. June 21st, 1 Lipstick Lounge to hold fundraiser to help provide support to the Transgender Community. Columnists Commentary From the Editor Letters. Featured May 5th, 5. May 5th, 5 All Monsters Are Human. Featured June 21st, 1. Featured January 3rd, 1. March 31st, 0 Using chosen names reduces odds of depression and suicide in transgender youths. Susan's Place Transgender Resources. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Sometimes when it seems like everything is getting on top of me at home kids arguing with each other, wife making an issue of some little thing that to me doesn't seem important etc I just feel like I want to get into a dress and some heels. It just feels so much more relaxing and stress-free. It doesn't feel like I'm experiencing any huge gender issues in terms of wanting to live permanently as a woman at the moment or that the stress is caused by a constant need to dress in the back of my mind. Maybe the crossdressing and stress are totally unrelated and I'm putting two and two together for no reason. But can it be related? Has anyone else noticed little things just starting to get under their skin for no apparent reason? I change my avatar every week. I tend to be masculine and aggressive when I am busy working and researching. I feel feminine when I...

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A Crossdressers also known as transvestites are in most cases a male that desires to dress in female clothing. Much speculation has centered on why some men crossdress. No one knows for sure. While some cite hormonal or genetic factors, others favor environmental factors. No one can possibly describe all types of crossdressers in a few short sentences. Most crossdressers purge their cloths when threatened or discovered, but almost always end up getting them back after a while. Some dress fully complete with name and female persona and others, fetishists use it as a means of sexual satisfaction. You would be amazed how many successful men are closet crossdressers. Coming out is very hard to do in our society, because of all the common misconceptions the public has regarding men expressing their feminine side. A There are those who dress for erotic reasons, those that like the feel of female clothing, and those who wish to go out dressed as a woman just like one of the girls. In almost all cases they are not usually gay and do not desire men as partners. They are regular men when they are not dressing up and they not desire to be a woman full time. Dressing up is purely an expression of their feminine sides. Most of them are ordinary men who have discovered a feminine aspect to their personalities, and desire to transcend the narrow stereotypes mandated by conventional society. A In most cases no treatment is necessary as crossdressing not considered an illness. If the cross dressing is out of control and becomes compulsive, then, anti-compulsion drugs are sometimes prescribed. A Crossdressers come from all walks of life, races, creeds, and economic backgrounds. The phenomenon dates back many thousands of years. In some cultures, especially some Native American tribes,...

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My last post talked about the death of my dad. A month before he died, I flew back to London, certain that he would die while I was in the air. It seemed like it would only be a few days in the end he stubbornly hung on for a month, classic dad. It was a very surreal experience. I felt trapped — not just physically, but emotionally — inexorably stuck on a path that lead to only one outcome. Stress levels were so off the charts, that if I were actually tasked with making a chart that captured my levels of stress, it would certainly undergo gravitational collapse and form a black hole, causing me just a bit more stress to deal with. It might have been the first night I was there when the flare-up began. This time, the flare-up was more of a solar-flare-up. It felt genuinely dire. It was as if I needed a defined comfort-zone to mentally fall back to as a way of dealing with the awful situation. Keeping with the throwback theme, another from the myweekendshoes. A post shared by Liz Summers myweekendshoes on Aug 29, at 1: But over the following week or so, I would dig through my archive and post anything instagram-worthy each night while laying in bed. And it genuinely helped. It was unexpectedly soothing, a balm for the crossdressing burn. I think we all have those moments where we look back fondly on our photos, and it makes us feel good. In this instance, in an elongated moment of duress, dressing up seemed like the only, frustratingly unavailable, option. Thank god I take photos. For me, it had never been that way. It was never a coping strategy, or a way to unwind and relax — sometimes it...

Crossdressing stress relief

Crossdressing beats drinking as a stress-relief habit

Is crossdressing or being transgender a blessing or a curse? I believe it's a It offers a healthy and non-destructive way to relieve stress. It makes you a. Oct 7, - Maybe the crossdressing and stress are totally unrelated and I'm putting up to match our gender identity, which can be a tremendous divisionzero.infod with Crossdressing. Anyone do this when they are very stressed as a way to relieve stress?Why do you crossdress?: crossdressing.

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